Session Report – Family Z

Family Z photo session, girl

About a week ago, I had a photo session with the family featured in this post, who I’ll refer to as Family Z. It was actually my first photo session since officially registering as a business. (this family had done a gracious favor for us and so I offered them a free session out of gratitude) I was a bit jittery before it started, but I got “in the zone” after I started shooting and most of the jitters went away. More text below the pics.

Family Z photo session, boy

Family Z photo session, all

As you’ve seen in the examples I’ve provided, this is a very photogenic family and there was nothing difficult about working with them. It was a great family to cut my photographic teeth on 😉

One thing I think I could have done better is to use the environment more. We were in a park with flowers and nice looking Japanese maples, but I got into such a shooting flow that I forgot to include these items in the background.

My cheap Cowboy Studio light-stand-with-60″-umbrella almost blew over several times, even with a bag of rocks anchoring it. I recently got a heavier duty Ravelli stand and I think it’ll be a bit more stable.

One more thing – it was HOT outside that day, even in the shade (and because of the surrounding trees, we were in the shade the entire time). It shows through a bit in the middle picture. Not sure what I can do to counteract the sweating. Do sessions in the morning? I prefer evenings because the ambient light only gets better until it’s gone (and I can do good work with dim ambient).

The matriarch reports that the photos were great – if the client is happy, then I did my job.


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