Session Report – “Montgomery” Family

I had a recent session with a family who will be referred to as the Montgomery family. (For now, for things I publish on this website, I am using pseudonyms for the privacy of my clients, although in the future I might just use real names). Their boy “Isaiah” is nearly 1 year old and they valued photography enough to pay for quality photos 😀 Some samples from their session, and various blog-quality ramblings afterwards.

Close up of "Isaiah"

The Montgomery Family

"Isaiah" with his dad

Close-up of "Isaiah"

"Isaiah" with his mom, Sherwin Lee Photography

I’m very grateful to this family because they were the first to book me when I went official back in May. And I suppose I will let you in on some top-secret information in that they were my first clients paying in the form of a check, so you Montgomery’s are special people! (Family Z was the first session I ever officially did but the payment was in a different form) I didn’t feel quite as jittery with this session as I did when I did Family Z’s session about a month ago, perhaps because the initial jitters all got out around then as well. I think also because having been in Family Z’s house before, they have at least had professional studio photos done several times before, so I was a bit nervous of looking like a complete amateur.

Although I thought there would be less volume of pictures from this session (3 subjects) compared to Family Z (6 subjects), the totals were about the same. Thinking on it further, it’s probably because one of the Montgomery’s was stoic 1 year old who was not receptive to smiling.

On that topic, toddlers present a unique photographic challenge. When they’re babies, they can’t really do much except just be. You hold them, you “pose” them as much as you can. When they’re older children, maybe 3 and up, they’re somewhat old enough to obey instructions…sometimes. And because their comprehensive abilities are greater, it’s usually easier to get them to smile, whether by acting silly, funny noises, inside jokes, or whatnot. But a toddler has usually discovered independent movement and wants to do what he/she wants to do. All that said though, Isaiah did a great job and we got about 1.5 hours of photography out of him before we all decided to conclude. And we even got a few smiles out of him towards the latter half.