Vera, My Very Favorite Lens

Vera, Pentax SMC-M 85 mm f/2
This is Vera. It is an 85 mm f/2 lens made by Pentax. It is all manual, no electronic anything, so if there were a massive EMP attack on the continental US, this lens would still be fully functional (assuming an all mechanical camera body to go with it). It is my very favorite lens.

6 photographers took shots at me once, the best of ’em carried this…okay, that’s probably taking the source quote too far. Anyways…I probably paid too much for Vera. But lenses like Vera are hard to find in Pentax brand, and at the time I bought it, buying options were very limited.

Vera’s not a perfect lens. She’s rare. She’s all manual, which sometimes is nice but other times I really wish it were autofocus or auto-aperture. Having automatic capabilities would drive up the price though. She’s just got that special something.

Vera hasn’t spent much time on-camera these days because I’ve been lens-honeymooning with my Tamron zoom lenses. The Tamron 70-200 is a great lens for my needs – full auto, excellent image quality, 6 year warranty…but it’s huge. Vera is tiny. You can’t beat Vera when it comes to image quality per dollar per gram.

Here are some samples of what Vera has helped me achieve.
GABR, SMC-M Pentax 85 mm f/2Pearl, with jewelry box, Pentax SMC-M 85 mm f/2Pearl's Bracelet, Pentax SMC-M 85 mm f/2Optimus at 8 months, Pentax SMC-M 85 mm f/2


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