(mini) Session Report – Optimus 1 Year Outdoor Photos

Optimus with Mom, 1

Last year before Optimus was born, my family went to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. While we were there, I noticed some nice scenery and then the idea was born to take pictures for Optimus’s first birthday there when time came. That idea came to fruition recently, since Optimus recently turned 1.

Several things went wrong on this shoot, and for that I’m VERY glad that it wasn’t a paid shoot for someone other than me and my wife.

– My editing computer died, so I was unable to edit the images as quick as I normally do, and I was unable to view the images on my big LCD monitor. (Thankfully the hard drives are fine)

– I forgot my sandbags. I assumed they were in the light stand bag but that was not correct. I have a light stand with a boom arm for better flexibility of light placement, but this makes the stand very prone to topple over. Thankfully, my wife was able to locate some heavy dead branches that were laying on the ground nearby and those did well in anchoring my main light stand.

– I forgot my tripod. On paid shoots for other clients, this won’t be an issue because usually I need a tripod when I myself want to be featured in the picture. Well, this time I wanted to be featured, but there was absolutely no way to work around that. Thankfully, this very minor problem was the only problem that I wasn’t able to work around somehow.

– My second camera refused to acknowledge its memory card. I’m not certain that the card went bad but that particular combination of card and camera would not work. And that’s why we need spares / backups. Without my other camera and its memory card, I would have been pretty much completely dead in the water.

Despite these distracting factors, I was still able to get some images which I’m very pleased with.

Optimus in a Chair

Optimus with Mom, 2

I thought Optimus might squirm out of the chair and walk around but to our surprise, he remained in the chair and I was able to get several good shots of him like that. He was very good during the shoot, period.

As far as lenses go, these days I am usually using the Tamron combo, 28-75 and 70-200 lenses. The 70-200, to me, is noticeably sharper. Even at high apertures, the 28-75 seems comparably soft. But the zoom range is very versatile and so it’s usually on one of my camera bodies at any given time. And for this shoot, with the nice scenery surrounding us, I’m glad I had the wider end of the focal length range.


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