Session Report – Ella Turns 1


I recently had the opportunity to take pictures in celebration of Ella’s first birthday. Her actual birthday is several weeks away but we decided to do a photo session sooner rather than later before everyone got busy with holiday activities.

As I might have stated in a previous session report, one year olds are at a somewhat difficult stage for photography. Too young to really obey commands, but old enough to have their own desires. This is not a knock against one year olds in any way, it is pretty much a statement of fact. So when I come away from a one-year-old’s session with nice photos, I breath a sigh of relief (and feel self-validated to some extent).

One thing I wish I had done better for this session is getting a better feel for the light levels during the evening. We scheduled to meet at 5:30, but when I left my house at 4:30, I found that the light levels were in the process of becoming that nice evening warm light. We still had a good amount of daylight but I really should have started the session between 4:30 and 5 (closer to 4:30 preferably).


I must give some praise to Ella’s mom. She was very responsible and prompt in our correspondence and a pleasure to work with. She had her plenty of ideas on the types of photos she wanted (and provided props); obviously I came armed with my own ideas and we took lots of those, but we also went away having taken many of her own ideas. If the client is happy, then I’m happy.

During this session, I noticed I wasn’t chimping as much as I have in previous sessions. For those unfamiliar with photography jargon, chimping is the action of constantly checking the camera’s LCD preview after each shutter press, i.e. shoot-preview-shoot-preview-shoot-preview. This is hopefully me coming to a point of knowing my equipment better, thus knowing how the picture will turn out without having to look at the preview. Also hopefully me becoming more confident in my abilities. I drove home from the session slightly nervous that I might not have captured any good images and wouldn’t know it because of lack of chimping, but I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded and viewed my images in Lightroom.



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