Session Report – The Algodones

The Algodones 2When the US dollar collapses, this is how we will do business. I have a skill, you have a skill, we provide these skills to each other for a fair exchange of services. That was the case here, with the Algodones.

This was originally scheduled to be a full family session, but due to illness and other logistics, it ended up being just husband and wife. Which meant that this was one of the easier sessions that I’ve done. The intent was to get some nice photos for Christmas cards, and I believe that intent was fulfilled. Mrs. Algodon is handy with a camera herself so there were sufficient pictures of their kids, but it’s sort of hard to take Christmas card quality selfies.

The Algodones 1

The Algodones live in a somewhat woodsy suburban neighborhood. Thanks to careful positioning, framing, and a little bit of editing, you can’t really tell that there is a street with cars parked on it nearby.

Since I knew that this shoot wouldn’t involve kids and would involve compliant adults, I decided to put Vera into use, which I hadn’t yet done for a client session. I generally stick with autofocus lenses for client sessions because they’re a bit faster to focus than doing so manually.


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