Session Report – The Amarillos


Just a day after the session with the Algodones, I had this session with the Amarillos. The Amarillo family consists of husband, wife, and beloved dog Maggie. This was a fairly easy session for me and the Amarillos were pleased enough with the results to order all photos I provided to them as proofs.

BTW Maggie is actually her real name, as I’m not too concerned about protecting the privacy of a dog 😉


This session came about as a result of me planting a seed several months ago. Best form of marketing: “Hey would you like to have a photo session sometime soon?” I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by the Amarillos recently, after months of nothing.


My pre-shoot jitters continue to decrease with each session. This one had several factors working in my favor:

  • I had used the location previously (and it was a GOOD one)
  • I knew we had scheduled a good time relative to sunset (something I learned from Ella’s session)
  • Clients were friends (more on this below)
  • Didn’t forget anything. After Optimus’ session, I made myself a pre-shoot checklist.
  • I had several ideas that I came up with after arriving on site early

So far all of my sessions have been for people I know. The pre-shoot jitters will probably come back to a certain extent when I start getting clients I didn’t know personally. Recently at an Amason For Liberty campaign event, I was able to plant some seeds and hopefully I’ll be writing a session report soon for such a client…


Maggie had a blast running around while I photographed her mom and dad. It was nice seeing her enjoy herself, as she was a former pound-puppy who is usually very timid due to probable past abuse. It proved harder than I thought to pose a dog but I should’ve realized this from experiences trying to pose my own dog. In this case it was more difficult because Maggie weighs more than 11 pounds like mine does.


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