Sherwin Lee headshotMy name is Sherwin Lee and I am a photographer residing in Cherokee county, Georgia. My photographic interests are mainly people-focused, due to my main subjects being my wife, two children, and dog. I’ve recently decided to begin providing my photographic eye to others.

As I am of Korean ethnicity and with children myself, I also have some experience photographing the first two milestones in a Korean child’s life, those being 백일 (baek-il, or One Hundred Days), and 첫돌 (chut-dohl, first birthday). Click here to see a photo from my son’s baek-il.

For actual biographical kind of information, you can find that here.

I am available to work in the north Atlanta area, such as Woodstock, Acworth, Cartersville, Ball Ground, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Smyrna, to name just a few. Don’t cross me off your list because you’re not in these areas though! We can determine something that will work for both of us.

As I have yet to find my professional niche, I’m making myself available for a wide variety of photography categories. (Pardon the blatant SEO that follows) Please contact me if you would like an affordable photographer for the following categories:

  • family / child portraits
  • birthday parties (any age)
  • anniversaries
  • cultural celebrations
  • Coming of age celebrations such as quinceaneras or sweet 16
  • bands
  • headshots for business or personal purposes
  • charity events
  • corporate events
  • church functions (not on Sunday mornings)
  • family reunions
  • Homecoming / prom groups
  • high school senior photos
  • engagement
  • weddings (willing to work as either primary or secondary photographer)
  • wedding receptions
  • wedding rehearsal dinners
  • 백일 / baek-il / 100 Days
  • 첫돌 / chut-dohl / First Birthday
  • Just because!

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive. If your occasion does not fit into any of the categories on my Prices page, please contact me for a price quote. I do NOT do photography of erotic nature, e.g. boudoir, nude, glamour.

Please use the contact form below, or e-mail SherwinLeePhoto @ Gmail.com for more information. I have many sample photos available on my Facebook page. Click the link, then click Photos. There you can view all samples, or you can click Albums and view the separate categories.

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